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To join TEAM-PRRC, three possibilities:

1) For persons whose the qualifications and/or experience meet the requirements for the PRRC professional (Article 15 EU MDR or EU IVDR), there are two steps to membership as active member: It is not necessary to be currently employed as PRRC. The fee for new active member is € 250.00 and the annual renewal is € 200.00.

         Step 1: Complete the application form to check membership possibility.

          Step 2: If your application is accepted, you will have to read, approve, and commit with respecting the Statutes, the Internal Regulation and the Code of Ethics., and pay the fee for new active member € 250.00. 


2) Otherwise, any individual may membership as supporting member (members without deliberative vote and in case of conflicts they cannot benefit from the mediation of TEAM-PRRC) for an annual fee of € 500.00. For that, press the "SUPPORTING MEMBER" button.

3) And the last possibility, for individuals as well as corporate, consists to become a sponsor (see conditions by pressing the "BECOME A SPONSOR" button). 

Press one of these buttons:

1) Starting my application as active member (first step to membership):

The first step towards joining TEAM-PRRC is to check whether your degree and/or experience allow you to become a member. These criteria are the same as those required by Article 15 of the European regulations of the MDR or the IVDR allowing to practice the profession of PRRC.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use (T&C at page bottom) before pressing the CHECK APPLICATION AS  ACTIVE MEMBER button. You need to accept them to create your account.

To start the first step of active member membership process, press the "FIRST STEP :ELIGIBILITY TO ACTIVE MEMBER" button. Remember that the entire membership process (step 1 and step 2) will end with the payment of the fee of € 250.00.

You will then have to complete the questionnaire and click on the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" yellow button.  TEAM-PRRC will come back to you in a few days to let you know if you can be an active member, or an another type of member, for example supporting member.

2) Membership as supporting member

For any question :

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3) Sponsorship

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